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Friend Zone For Guys

The Friend Zone is a popular subject among anybody interested in relationships and sex, now for guys its just a situation we hate to be in and when we are in it we can’t do anything but vent out our frustrations, calling whoever put labeled us as friends all kinds of names. as a guy I can say that The Friend Zone doesn’t exist, its a made up thing that people who have had that feeling of their heart being torn out. When it comes down to it they just weren’t for you and there are more people out there, to linger on about how they’re a bitch or a whore because they see you as a person they can go to for things other then sex or a relationship. Some people want more of that or people don’t want that at all, now what you hear from guys is “I put in all that work and she just called us friends.” does that mean you should just call her a bitch and run off to the next girl so she can do the same. If you’re easily confused about her feelings then being up front and talk to her about how it is you feel, rejection might come and if it does then just move on and try keep the friendship as strong as it was because she sees you as a friend.